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Sunday, October 8, presentation from 2:30-4:30 PM, Ask the Experts/Schmoozing Corner starts at 2:10 PM

Reaching Rebecca: Missing Relatives and Mental Illness in Genealogical Research, Andrea Massion

Andrea's great Aunt Rebecca existed only as a photograph, taken before she left Ukraine as a child for the U.S. No documents in America marked her existence as an adult, and her nephews did not know of her until Andrea tore down the brick wall in 2022 -- more than 20 years after Andrea began her research. Her presentation will include the challenge to obtain hospital records, mental illness, and the mythology of "black sheep" in any family. Her session will provide an overview of state mental health services in the early 20th century, examples of other families' recent discoveries, puzzling out suspicious results, uncovering the correct information and why ethics demands sharing these results. Finally, the saga of Ukrainian-born Rebecca who disappeared from records and memory in the 1930s in Colorado will be revealed by Andrea in loving tribute to her lost great-aunt.

Speaker: Andrea Massion has been researching family history for over 25 years. She is an engaging storyteller and a frequent contributor to JGSCV's newsletter. She was published in the NGS Journal in 2020. Andrea is retired from 30 years working in Jewish Music education, and public-school library management. Her research on the Jewish community of Iowa Center, Wyoming can be found at the Chugwater Museum in Wyoming, USA and in the National Library of Israel.

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Andrea Massion

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