Membership in the JGSCV is open to anyone supporting its objectives, and upon payment of appropriate dues. Download a membership application (new members & renewals) here.

Members receive:

  • 11 monthly meetings featuring expert speakers, tutorials and discussions with members sharing materials, research, methods and ideas, as well as research success and failures.
  • Members-only assisted research afternoon at the Los Angeles Family History Library
  • Once a month you may ask the new member education coordinator -- one of THE most knowledgeable Jewish genealogists in the world -- one question on how best for you to do your research. He will not do your research but he will certainly give you suggestions to help you in your genealogy.
  • Borrowing a book from our traveling library to do a book report at a program meeting. (Not all books are eligible for borrowing).
  • Borrowing from our growing library of videos and CDs including our series of How to Begin Your Genealogy.
  • New member kit with resource lists on websites, suggested books and local resources, and information on genealogy programs
  • Subscription to Venturing Into Our Past our monthly electronic newsletter with meeting notices, genealogical hints and items of interest
  • Opportunity to network with other people interested in Jewish genealogy
  • Information exchange with others who are researching families from the same towns as your ancestors
  • Guidance from local experts to help you with your research
  • Access to the JGSCV library located on a special shelf at the Agoura Hills Public Library.

Editorial and feature articles for Venturing Into Our Past, as well as tips for pursuit of genealogical research are welcome. Send such material as a file attachment or message via email to

Although, there is no charge to attend the meetings, we need dues paying members for insurance, programs and purchases for our library -- genealogy books, journals and maps.

Dues are $30.00 for a single membership and $35.00 for a household unit. If you are an existing member or wish to join, please complete and return the new/renewal membership application.